We can raise your web business to the new google search level

Small Business Websites That Will Get You New Customers, Get a Professional affordable Website ready to launch in 15 Days,  Website packages starting from $95. Grow your internet business.

We can raise your web business to the new google search level

Small Business Websites That Will Get You New Customers, Get a Professional Wesite in 15 Days,  Website packages starting from $95. Grow your web business.

We turn your ideas into successful web Business

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What we need to build your website

New Client Guide

Thanks for deciding to work with us to create your website. In order for us to get started on your website, we will need you to prov ide a few things:

  • Your theme decision
  • Text content
  • Picture ideas

Choosing a Theme

Click here to view available themes. You can then click on a theme to read more about it and see the different colors if available. Some themes have a few preset colors but some can be customized to any color imaginable. Much of the theme can be customized but the overall design and layout cannot be changed much. Let me know if you need help in choosing a theme. We would be happy to give you some direction. If you can’t decide on one, let choos 3-4 themes that you really like and we will help you to choose.

Text Content

All the text content for your site should be sent to us in electronic format in a word processor file like Microsoft Word (2003-2007). The best way to organize it is typing it all in one file and dividing it in sections by website page (see website page examples below) . If you need help in writing your content or editing,  please contact us and we can recommend someone that you can pay for help with content writing. We do not include editing and content writing in our website package price but will do some basic editing if we see any issues or errors.

Typical Pages

Here is a list of typical website pages to help you brainstorm your content:

Index / Home Page:

This page basically links to other pages on your site with excerpts of the other pages. We will usually come up with the home page design and content on we own according to the content provided for other pages.  If you have specific requests for the home page,  please inform us .


This page is usually a description of you, your business, or service - why you do what you do and why you are qualified about your website.


If you have a need to display pictures for any reason, we can make a dedicated pictures page to display pictures in a gallery format. If you do not use a dedicated pictures page, pictures will still be used throughout your site.


If you sell a product or service, you might have a page describing the product or service in detail and giving pricing information.

References or Testimonials:

If you have references or testimonials that are appropriate to display, it’s good to include them on your website either on their own separate page or scattered throughout the site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A list of frequently asked questions is a good way to make sure all of your visitors get their questions answered. If you don’t include a FAQ page, you should ask yourself what questions your website visitors will need answered and make sure they are answered on your other pages.


This page will have your contact information (Phone, Email, Address if necessary). It will also have a contact form that people can fill out. You will be notified by email when someone fills out the form.

Your site does not have to have all these pages. This is just a description to get you thinking about possibilities. You may wish to view websites in your own industry for ideas. After we get the content from you, we may change the number of pages that are used based on what we think is best.  We will work together to make the final decisions.


You can send me any of your own images that can be used on the site.  We encourage the use of personal images when it is appropriate because it shows a more personal side of your business.  Showing pictures of yourself, your employees, your product, your office are all ways to help your website visitors personalize more with your business.

We recommend choosing and send us 10 - 20 images, so we can easily access your image selections.  --- Click here for more information about Images. ---


If you have a logo, you will need to send me the file electronically so we can include it on your website. If you don’t have a logo or even if you have one already, we would strongly recommend considering our logo design service. we have partnered with logo designers who create professional logos for a very affordable price.

We believe a professional logo is one of the most important features of your website because it is on every page and visitors will often look at it first to determine the quality of your website and your business overall. Investing in a professional logo will improve the perception of your website and business for every visitor to your website. Click here for more info on our Professional Logo Service. If you’ve already purchased your website, you can still purchase the logo service separately.